Firstly we want to apologize to those who were unable to join yesterday’s webinar.

Currently under our present Zoom license we have a limit of 300 participants. We are now investigating if we can raise this number to 500 participants but this involves additional expense.
We also had some technical difficulties which affected the provision of the Italian and French translation at the start of the webinar. This was eventually resolved. Thank you for your patience.

Just to explain at UISG we have a bank of computers and other technical equipment to manage a webinar with 4 languages relatively easily. Now that we are smart working Sr. Florence de la Villeon rscj is working at home with several computers linked together in order provide the same service. This is not a simple task and so we are really grateful for your patience when we encounter difficulties. Like you we are learning as we engage in new ways of communicating. It is helping us to build a truly global community of sisters.

Sr. Pat Murray ibvm (Executive Secretary)


5 thoughts on “APOLOGY

  1.   Jane Bertelsen says:

    Thanks Pat, I was really disappointed not to be able to join although I am not surprised it was so popular. Will it be available to watch?
    Blessings on you all and praying you all stay safe as the lockdown is gradually lifted
    Jane fmdm

  2.   Sylvia Obrig says:

    Will I be able to view the recording of the May 5 webinar? Can you send an email with the password or ID in order to open this zoom webinar? It was the one on Consecrated Life.
    Thanks very much, your webinars are really good.

  3.   Mary says:

    The work on the technical aspects on this day was heroic.
    Thank you very much for this. By any chance was the French translation also recorded?

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