Rio 2016 Against sexual exploitation
Rio 2016: Campaign against Sexual Exploitation Read more

Rio 2016: Campaign against Sexual Exploitation

PRESS CONFERENCE TO LAUNCH CAMPAIGN ‘PLAY for LIFE’ condemn trafficking in persons and act against sexual exploitation and trafficking during the Olympic Games RIO 2016 Tuesday, June 21, 2016 h. 12.00 Vatican Radio – Piazza Pia 3 – Roma Sponsor by TALITHA KUM – International Network of Consecrated Life against Trafficking in Persons

UISG Delegates 2016
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UISG BOARD 2016-2019

UISG BOARD 2016-2019 Elected 16/05/2016: Sr. Carmen Sammut (Malta) – President SOEURS MISSIONNAIRES DE N.D. D’AFRIQUE   Sr. Sally Hodgdon csj  (US)  SUORE DI S.GIUSEPPE DI CHAMBERY   Sr. Veronica Openibo shcj (Nigeria) SOCIETA’ DEL S.BAMBINO GESU’   Sr. Monica Joseph rjm   (India) RELIGIOSE DI GESU’ E MARIA   Sr. Aurora Calvo Ruiz mc (Spain) SUORE MERCEDARIERead more…

#UISGPlenary: Supporting Global Sisterhood Read more

#UISGPlenary: Supporting Global Sisterhood

Sr. Rosemary Nassif, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation The global sisterhood is created by partnerships—not only in what we do, in our works, but also in our relationships – how we think, plan, organize, learn, believe and hope.  Collaboration is a true sign of vitality of religious life today!  How can we do more together thanRead more…