Course Engaging Our Diversity through Interculturality

Course Engaging Our Diversity through Interculturality

Rome, March 19th 2018

Dear Sister,

On behalf of the International Union of Superiors General (UISG), we are delighted to invite you to consider applying for the following program on Interculturality. The workshop will be held at the UISG facilities in Rome over the last two weeks of January 2019, but significant preparation will be required beforehand. The purpose of this program is to assist a religious congregation in engaging its cultural/ethnic/nationality diversity and moving closer to a fuller expression and experience of mutually-enriching interculturality both within the congregation and in its ministry/mission activity.

In the paragraphs below we offer a brief introduction and overview. The UISG program is designed to prepare a core team of four persons from each community to serve as the catalyst and resource to guide their community through this process. They in turn would be available as interculturality resources for other congregations in their regions. Spaces are limited (approximately 24 congregations) but if you sense this area is a need and desire for your congregation/institute, I invite and encourage you to apply.

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