COVID-19 Resources for Church Leaders

The health task force of the Vatican COVID-19 Commission has developed a Resource Kit to help those working to conquer this pandemic.

The focus of the health task force has been equitable distribution of the vaccine and overcoming resistance to taking the vaccine. The contents of the Resource Kit are intended for multiple uses and audiences.

It contains current and reliable information on the ethical and scientific issues, fact sheets for leaders, a Family Guide to COVID-19 and vaccines, resources for homilies and other conversations, sample social media content and leaks to other resources on COVID-19 and vaccines.

It is designed to be reprinted in parts, for instance to distribute the Guide in churches or schools. It will be translated into multiple languages in the near future. It will also be updated on the web as new information becomes available. It is the hope of the health task force that these resources will be helpful.   (March 4, 2021)

To visit read and have all the kit:

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