UISG BOARD 2016-2019 Read more

UISG BOARD 2016-2019

UISG BOARD 2016-2019 Elected 16/05/2016: Sr. Carmen Sammut (Malta) – President SOEURS MISSIONNAIRES DE N.D. D’AFRIQUE   Sr. Sally Hodgdon csj  (US)  SUORE DI S.GIUSEPPE DI CHAMBERY   Sr. Veronica Openibo shcj (Nigeria) SOCIETA’ DEL S.BAMBINO GESU’   Sr. Monica Joseph rjm   (India) RELIGIOSE DI GESU’ E MARIA   Sr. Aurora Calvo Ruiz mc (Spain) SUORE MERCEDARIERead more…

UISGPlenary‬: a big family Read more

UISGPlenary‬: a big family

Sr. Carmen Sammut, UISG President, states: “It is every three years that we have the occasion to meet many of us, members of the UISG, together. Our theme is ‘Weaving global solidarity for life’. Our first aim is our getting to know each other, getting to know from the inside the contexts and situations we areRead more…

Newsletter UISG Read more

Newsletter UISG

In April 2016 UISG sent the first UISG Newsletter in four languages to Superiors General. If you did not receive it, it might be because it went in another folder (spam) of your mailbox or because your email bounced back. Please check carefully your mailbox and if you don’t find the Newsletter send your correct email to  Read more…