Delegates Gaterhing Report for US UISG Constellation

U.S. Constellation delegates to the UISG, Constance Phelps, SCL, and Patricia Siemen, OP sent their report on the Delegates meeting in Manila (November 2017)

“We learned much about each other during our 18+‐hour journey to and from Manila, Philippines, where the Council of Delegates met the week of November 5‐11, 2017. Upon arrival, we soon met new Sister‐friends arriving from each of the 36 international constellations.

Sisters Pat Murray, IBVM, Executive Director of the UISG, and Carmen Sammut, MSOLA, President of the UISG (both attended our 2016 US Constellation gathering in Atlanta), welcomed us.

We soon learned that Pat runs an expansive and well‐organized organization. Notable among the UISG growth goals are:

1) to increase collaboration with Continental Conferences and Bishops, 2) to realize the aims of UISG in regard to its relationship with the Vatican, 3) to explore new ways of collaboration with other faiths and religions, 4) to continue to support members through provision of specific services, e.g., Canon Law service, and 5) to strengthen communication between the Constellations and the members.”

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