#EndHumanTrafficking A new logo for Talitha Kum











#endhumantraffciking A new logo for Talitha Kum: we believe that change is essential to better match our identity

Talitha Kum, the International Network of Religious Life against Trafficking in persons is proud to launch its new logo: after some years we have returned to the figure of the hand poised to ‘end human trafficking’ (#endhumantrafficking) as a symbol of life and network-based commitment worldwide.

Talitha Kum is a network of 22 sister-led networks active in 76 countries; it was founded in 2009 inspired by the common interest of congregations on the five continents to coordinate and strengthen their work against trafficking in persons.

According to Sr. Gabriella Bottani, Talitha Kum International Coordinator:

“The new logo perfectly synthesizes our history and efforts to give life back to human beings whose lives have been broken and violated by exploitation and trafficking!  Change is essential to better match our identity of consecrated women networking to fulfil our commitment against human trafficking and ready to celebrate 10 years of activity in 2019. We will celebrate it always networking, holding each other’s hands and mutually supporting to hold out – together – against the banality of evil.” 

Today Talitha Kum is a globally-recognized Network collaborating with other institutions and Vatican Dicasteries on a regular basis to combat all the various forms of trafficking in persons.

The year 2019 will be a key time because of the celebration of Talitha Kum’s 10th Anniversary, and the new logo is only the first of more media events and training projects to come, all of them addressed to the nuns worldwide.


Talitha Kum 2009-2019: towards the 10th Anniversary

Celebrating freedom and life

Evaluating the journey

Envisioning the future


Rome, November 8, 2018


To reproduce the Talitha Kum logo, please write to:

Talitha Kum Press Office

comunicazione@uisg.org – 3331207842


coordinator@talithakum.info – www.talithakum.info

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