February 2nd: Feast of the Presentation a space of encounter for Religious Sisters

World Day of Consecrate Life

Feast of the Presentation: a space of encounter for Religious Sisters

“Simeon and Anna are two people of a venerable age, known for their prayer and fasting. The Feast of the Presentation reminds us that prayer must be at the heart of consecrated life; it is what sustains consecrated persons throughout their life and mission. The Feast is also a reminder that the practice of prayer and fasting enabled Simeon and Anna to be so attuned to God that they could recognise the presence of the Messiah. A deep interior life is required in order to be attentive to the breath of the Spirit. 

There is a second lesson to take from this biblical scene. This was an encounter between a wise elderly man and woman and a young couple who had just given birth to a child. This is a symbol of religious life, where we are called to encounter what is being born or what is about to be born. We are particularly invited to go to the places that are dark, challenging and needful in order to foster new life. Pope Francis keeps emphasizing the importance of encounter. Encounter is a significant call to religious in today’s world where people often feel lonely, lost and abandoned in many different contexts. They do not know the way. As religious women we can bring a sensitivity to the multiplicity of moments of encounter with the other, no matter where we find ourselves.”

Sr Patricia Murray, UISG Executive Secretary

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