Finally in 2019 we sadly said goodbye to two UISG staff members.

Finally in 2019 we sadly said goodbye to two UISG staff members.

Firstly to Sr. Cecilia Bayona osa who concluded her time at UISG after many years of dedicated service. In recent years she was the familiar face of UISG, to all who visited Ponte San Angelo – welcoming visitors and responding to their many needs. She was responsible for the archives and was meticulous in organizing the filing system. She was also a member of the team that dispatches the bulletin to UISG members – not a small task. We are deeply grateful to Sr. Cecilia for the many ways in which she served the members of UISG with such loyalty, dedication and commitment.

Sr. Elisabetta Flick sa has also concluded her years of service at UISG. She has been the intrepid pioneer of the UISG Migrants Project in Sicily which was recently extended to Lampedusa. Establishing an inter-congregational initiative is challenging but Sr. Elisabetta was convinced of the importance of the witness of this new type of collaboration within religious life. She was also a wonderful resource person for many individuals and congregations. Her tireless commitment and dedication and her love of religious life has been a witness to us all. We thank her for her generosity, kindness and wisdom during her years of service to religious life at UISG. We will miss them both.

PHOTO: From left to right Sr Jolanta, Sr Elisabetta and Sr Pat

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