Imagining Leadership in a Global Community: LCWR Assembly 2019

Leadership Conference of Women Religious (USA) Assembly 2019

Imagining Leadership in a Global Community, Sr. Pat Murray, IBVM (read the whole text)

The face of Consecrated Life has changed dramatically. It has become culturally diverse in its members and in the charisms that the spirit gives.6 I am privileged to have an overview because of the 2,000 congregational leaders who are members of UISG.

How then to imagine leadership at this crossing place, as members of a global community? I would like to offer some images and reflections to spark your imagination because we know that we do not just see images “but we see through images.”

How then might these images speak to you today as leaders?

1. Widen the tent of our hearts
2. Be present at the borderlands
3. Embrace vulnerability
4. Celebrate our luxurious cultural diversity
5. Engage in web-watching and web-weaving
6. Listen to the long notes

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