Some clarifications about the Interview with Sr. Carmen Sammut

Some clarifications about the Interview with Sr. Carmen Sammut published on Corriere della Sera, March 3, by Stefano Lorenzetto

Sr. Carmen explains:

“I really regret that the interviewer of Corriere della Sera put as a title of the interview something that I certainly did not say.  There must have been a misunderstanding of what I actually said. I believe I said two things: firstly that structurally no religious woman is currently member of the Congregation for Consecrated Life and that secondly that I find this strange since most religious are women. I also referred to our way of being present at a Synod. Unlike superiors general of men’s institutes, who have the same canonical status as bishops, we are not structurally part of a Synod. For the last Synod we asked to be invited and subsequently three representatives attended.

However, I would like to add here for the sake of clarification the other ways in which we are consulted. There are two councils to which the UISG belong: the council of 16 and the council of 18,  both of which are also attended by members of the U.S.G. (the men’s union) and which are held twice a year. These councils are within the Congregation for Consecrated Life (Council of 16) and the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples (Council of 18). There are several other instances of consultation which arise from initiatives taken by either side. We try to work together. I regret that the particular examples given were transformed into a general statement.

The question of servitude and service was one that emerged during the audience with the Pope and as you can see in the interview I just referred to what the Pope had said (May 12, 2016). There were no other comments. This text has been on the web for two years. It is unfortunate that it is put as part of the title and taken out of context.

What I regret most is that Mr Stefano Lorenzetto did not keep his word. This interview took place on the 22nd February at UISG. I was told that he would send me the text for approval before publishing it, and that it would take about three weeks. How is it that it was published after a week? How is it that it was sent to the other person who was present at the interview and not to me? I believe that this way of behaviour is the same as the one that he wants to denounce – no consultation.”

Rome, March 5, 2018

Sister Carmen Sammut, msola – UISG President

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