Looking for a Project Manager: Sharing Women’s Sensitivity for Human Dignity

TalithaKumRome, December 13th 2017

Talitha Kum – UISG, Worldwide Network of Religious Life against Trafficking in Persons, is looking for a Project Manager for:

Wells of Hope: Sharing Women’s Sensitivity for Human Dignity. Catholic Sisters and Muslim Women against Trafficking.

The project will focus on the Mediterranean Basin and the Middle East.

Preferably a religious sisters who is a university graduate, with interfaith experience and a proven ability to manage an international project. Languages required are Arabic and English together with good writing and secretarial skills. The successful applicant will be required to travel.

The Project Manager (PM) will work under the direction of the Coordinator of the Project Steering Committee (Sr. Gabriella Bottani cms).

Responsibilities will include the following: data collection, contact with potential partners and stakeholders, report writing, organization of local groups and various meetings and events. The project manager will
(a) provide texts, photos, interviews, other materials for the TK-UISG communication office
(b) present the plan of activities to the steering committee and to the Coordinator
(c)link the steering committee, the local contacts, the TK-UISG administration and communication office.
(d) report to the steering committee on a regular basis and writes the final report

Headquarter of the Project: Talitha Kum-UISG / Rome.
However a full time presence in ROME (Italy) is not required but the project manager must be available to visit periodically as and when needed.

Duration of the Project: Approximately ten months

Number of Hours: Full Time

Send your application letter and curriculum vitae to: Sr. Gabriella Bottani, cms coordinator@talithakum.info or contact her for further information about the project.

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