May the joy of Christmas be our strength throughout the New Year!

meeting-september-2016-37The miracle of Christmas

As we walked through the park today, we saw a child running, climbing a wall and jumping into his father’s arms with shouts of laughter and excitement. The child kept repeating this game, finding it great fun. The child did not look at the father’s arms, making sure they were there for him. He was sure his father would not let him fall. He looked at his father’s face, at his welcoming smile, at his glittering eyes, encouraged by the obvious joy that they were sharing.

What a wonderful image of Christmas. Here is our almighty God who jumps into the arms of Mary, of Joseph, and all along his life, into the hands of all he meets. This Christmas, let us contemplate the joy of our great God as He chooses to become one of us, to jump into our arms.
“The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.”(John 1:14)

God dwells among us, in our world where we open doors and build walls, where we pray for peace and make war, where we have invented so many ways to be interconnected, yet remain very sectarian, where we are capable of the greatest heroism as well as the ugliest egoism. Our God chooses to dwell among us, in our greatness and in our misery, and to do this with joy. He has chosen to inhabit our land just like the yeast that a woman puts in a measure of flour in order for the whole dough to rise.

Let us share in this mystery of new life. Let us contemplate He who comes into our world, just as it is. “The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world.” (v.9)
Let us receive Him with open arms. He who is present in such a hidden way, asks us to let Him act through us, just as the yeast acts in the dough. In this our world, in situations where the dignity of men, women and children is not respected, let us be conscious of God’s involvement in willingly and joyfully becoming one of us.

As His disciples, with all people of good will, let us become bearers of hope for the marginalized as well as for our planet. Indeed “out of his fullness we have all received grace upon grace.” (v.16)
This Christmas may we welcome with open arms the one-who-comes in the name of the Lord.
May the joy of Christmas be our strength throughout the New Year !

Sr Carmen Sammut
UISG president

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