Message to the participants to the Seminar on Global Compact on Education

To the participants of the seminar “REBUILDING THE GLOBAL PACT ON EDUCATION”

Dear sisters and brothers you have been gathered in this seminar in this virtual space, but the connectivity you experienced is more than technology. For the first time this seminar takes place in such a large forum, thanks to the possibility of connecting from all parts of the world in real time. The rich sharing of dreams and experiences in such a vast field, has taken place.

The Education Commission comprising of the Union of General Superiors (men) and the International Union of General Superiors (women) has worked for several months preparing this event with passion and care. We are grateful to them. I believe this seminar will mark the history for the future of these seminars and for the Commission, and the way we can nurture and improve our mission of education.

The context in which the seminar was born, and still is, that of the Global pact 0n Education, but we are happy because, added to it, we consider the horizon of the encyclical Fratelli Tutti. In it, the theme of education is crucial for the future of humanity. Our founders and foundresses, together with many excellent educators, inspired by the values ​​of the Gospel, had intuited this, but today we have a universal authoritative confirmation of our commitments and our convictions, in which we find ourselves as “full global citizens”.

So we dream not only to improve our centers, our institutions, but we dream to improve our interconnectivity and collaboration. Thus in the key of integral ecology proposed in the encyclical Laudato Si ‘, in the key of care, of fraternity proposed by Fratelli Tutti, we will find ourselves more and more together in sharing the paths of “education on the move” (Devenir) for A BETTER HUMANITY.

Thank you all for your participation and collaboration.

Jolanda Kafka rmi   President UISG Rome, November 12, 2020

Thank you Sr. Jolanta from all of us.  So lets enjoy and begin our adventure.

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