Migrants and Refugees and Today’s Biblical, Theological and Pastoral Studies




Migrations are more than movements of people from one place to another; they are related to cultural, social, political and religious transformations of people and nations, and to the continuous reshaping of communities. Therefore, they represent a major challenge to humanity, as well as an opportunity of reshaping it today. They raise questions of greatest relevance for the global agenda, as they affect governments, religions in general and the Catholic Church in particular, global, national, regional, and local communities, families, and countless individuals.

To tackle these challenges responsibly, the local Churches from sending, transit, and receiving countries all over the world are called to promote theological reflections and studies on the phenomenon as well as enable and encourage concrete pastoral actions. To this end, a group of congregations guided by the International Union of Superiors General (UISG), the Union of Superiors General (USG), and the Scalabrini International Migration Institute (SIMI) are convening a group of international biblical scholars and theologians and pastoral agents to present and debate about the status of their research, and respond to the reality of current migration movements. This 3-day-long International Conference is an important occasion for a reflection open to action.

It is possible to follow the event in streaming via YouTube in 5 different languages – English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portugese. Religious who are involved in this area can ask to participate in the working groups through their Superior General, to whom the letter of invitation has been sent.

The full program of the conference available here.

3 thoughts on “Migrants and Refugees and Today’s Biblical, Theological and Pastoral Studies

  1.   Gian Andrea Benvenuto says:

    Sono un giornalista internazionale della Federazione Internazionale Stampa di Roma ex direttore di redazione del quindicinale Riflettere dell’associazione internazionale di apostolato cattolico. Mi occupo di dialogo interreligioso. Volevo complimentarmi in anticipo per l’evento.

  2.   Gian Andrea Benvenuto says:

    Alla luce degli ultimi eventi in Afghanistan e degli equilibri mediterranei dei paesi del bacino è assolutamente urgente stimolare quando le politiche sono inerti con il confronto tra le religioni, le migliori risorse laiche e religiose per il bene e la salvezza dell’uomo. In una visione identitaria per il bene comune. Iniziative quali la presente ne sono fondamentali presupposti. Gian Andrea Benvenuto

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