Online Course: Interculturality and Leadership

Online Course: Interculturality and Leadership

December 2020: 7-8, 10-11, 14-15, 17-18

From 3pm to 6.30pm (Rome Time)

The course will be in English, French, Italian and Spanish with simultaneous translation

Course reserved for Members of Congregational Leadership Teams (Only 4 members for each congregation)

Online registration here : by November 15th

Coordination Team: Adriana Milmanda, SSpS, Patricia Murray, ibvm, Roger Schroeder, svd, Tim Norton, svd


  • Interculturality: Terminology and Definitions
  • Intercultural Sensitivity (Incl. generation, gender, ethnicity)
  • Interculturality & Religious Life Today
  • Interculturality & Religious Life Today: Reality of participants
  • Intercultural Journey of Jesus
  • Personality and Culture
  • Culture and Gender
  • Socio-centric / individual-centric: Power-Distance
  • Interculturality and Spirituality
  • Interculturality and Spirituality: Congregational Charism/Heritage
  • Interculturality & Leadership
  • Interculturality and the Digital Age

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