Opening ceremony for preparation of UISG Formators Programme

Opening ceremony for preparation of UISG Formators Programme 

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We had a beautiful opening ceremony on the 4th February 2019, at 8.30am in Regina Mundi building at international Union of Superiors General (UISG) location. The ceremony was marked by an opening Mass, orientation and introduction of participants to the formation program. There were thirty-three (participants) sisters from all over the world.

We had a welcoming address by Sr Carmen Sammut MSOLA the President of UISG, and Sr Patricia Murray IBVM, the Secretary of UISG also welcomed us and gave us brief history of the UISG. Sr. Cynthia Reyes SRA the Director of UISG and Miss Claudia Giampietro did the introduction and orientation on what the program entails. The introduction was led by Miss Claudia with a very deep and thoughtful prayer. One of the significant activity that took place during the orientation was the sharing of symbols by the participants to show their commitment to the program.

The Eucharistic celebration was presided by Archbishop Jose Rodriguez Carballo, Secretary of the congregation for Institutes of consecrated life and Societies of Apostolic life. His Homily focused on Pope Francis reflection during an interview with Fr Fernando Prado CMF on consecrated life today, Titled “ The Strength of Vocation”, he looked at some elements that strengthen our lives as religious.

• The Person of Jesus: The person of Jesus is everything in religious life, he and only he is the strength of our life. Everything proceeds from our encounter with him.
• Communion with the Holy People of God: The Pope speaks more of the church as people of God. It has consequences for formation. This is important for better serving the people of the God, avoiding clericalism.
• Charism/Mission and Prophecy: The Pope Stresses Charism as a way of avoiding functionalism. Charism is much more than what it does, its mission is to be witnesses, to be prophetic moving toward existential peripheries and thoughts
• Procedures: Procedures of renewal, formation of transformation and mission. The Pope tells us to always go forward with the Lord, doing all what he tells us.
• Method: Making discernment a way of life; see, Judge and act, and a preferential option for the poor. Discernment which is not just the way, but a necessity in order to proceed the right direction.
• Fruitfulness: this comes from encountering Christ and encountering our Sisters and Brothers from whatever communities they come from.
After mass we had a delicious meal served at UISG to welcome the participants and to thank UISG staff for all their hard work.

Sr. Cynthia Reyes SRA and Miss Claudia Giampietro enlightened the participants on UISG formation program for the preparation of formators, through which the UISG hope to help religious congregations, and it will help the participants to work on themselves. UISG organized different subjects’/ topics designed for the period of five months. The syllabus of UISG also includes an integration days, retreat in Nemi, national and cultural days.

All the participants were divided into four groups and each group has different responsibilities like liturgy, service, entertainment and documentation. Each group was asked to choose a name that is meaningful to them. The reason for choosing the names and symbols for the groups.

Wisdom Group
Reason: It is a mixed group that exist from different countries and culture. So chosing to wisdom, they realise that they need wisdom to guide them and lead them in their way. They also wished that they will be filled with wisdom by other sisters words or ways of doing things.
Symbol: the symbol of a dove
Group Leader: Sr. Agnes-Claire Koh, RGS


Arcobaleno Group ( Italian name meaning Rainbow)
Reason: Each of us is unique and beautiful in our own way and like each others colour put together. Working together as one we can create a beautiful piece of work like a rainbow. Like in Gen. 9:13 “where the rainbow is, the sign of God’s covenant, we hope that the world will recognise God’s presence, and God in every little thing we do.”
Group Leader: Sr. Veronika Rina, OSU

Talitha Kum Group
Reason: they desire to be reborn from their comfort zones, at different levels, coming from different countries and cultures, they desire to rise together for a common purpose…. ‘solid formation for religious life today.’Group Leader: Sr. Angela Kapitingana, MSOLA



Pilgrim Group
Reason: To follow in the footstep of Jesus Christ together. They are companions on the the journey discovering something New and depending totally on God to guide them “Math 4:18-22”.Symbol: Foot Prints of Jesus Christ(inspired by the story of the footprints)
Group Leader: Sr. Nenlidang Gochin, FMDM


We prayed with our Chinese Sisters on the 5th Febrary, 2019 as they celebrate the Chinese new year.


This year is the year of the Pig. In chinese culture Pig is a symbol of wealth. Their chubby faces and big ears are signs of fortune as well.
The personality of the Pigs: Pigs might not stand out in the crown, but they are realistic and others may be all talk and no action but the pigs are opposite.
Women born on the pig’s year are full of excitement. They attend social events whenever possible and treat everyone genuinely. Combined with their easy going personality, they gain everyone’s trust.
However, they are very friendly, in their excitement, on the other hand they can forget to give other’s personal space.

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      Sr Claudeette, this course has already started. We will inform you through our website and social media when we will run another Formators course, perhaps in 2020. Thank you for your interest! Patrizia

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