Programme for the Preparation of Formators

In response to the need for the training of sisters in formation ministry, expressed in the recent survey of congregational leaders, the International Union of Superiors General (UISG) is offering a programme in English to prepare sisters for the responsibility of accompanying those in initial formation to religious life, in the context of their religious congregations, the church and the world of the 21st century.

In an international and intercongregational setting, the participants will explore various dimensions of religious life with a focus on integrating these anew in their own lives and assisting their newer members to grow into and integrate these dimensions as they become members of their congregations.

The programme is designed by UISG who will coordinate it and oversee the integration processes. Part of the input will be offered by UISG presenters and part through courses taken for audit in the Course for Formators offered at the Angelicum (Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas).

The programme will offer various ways to help the participant integrate the content of the programme, including personal reflection, group work, spiritual accompaniment and a personally directed retreat. Each participant assumes the responsibility for her own human and spiritual growth and commits herself to active and engaged participation.

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6 thoughts on “Programme for the Preparation of Formators

  1.   Veronika Rina says:

    Dear the responsibility for Formator.

    I am Sr Veronika Rina, OSU from Indonesia. Could I know more the information about preparation for formators next year (2019) ? Thanks you for the information

    Sr Veronika Rina, OSU

  2.   Obende Theresa says:

    Start typing…Gudmoni, I have filled the form and submitted it, but I haven’t got any message from you people and I also want to ask if there is any other things to be done after filling the form. thanks.

    •   Ufficio Comunicazioni says:

      Dear sister Theresa, we received your application for the Formators Programme. In the following weeks you will receive a confirmation from the Coordinator of the Course. Thank you for your interest in the UISG programme. For further info, please write to: Patrizia

  3.   ana montana says:

    Dear Sister,
    I am Sr. Ana Montana from Philippines, also filled up the form about the preparation for formators and sent it almost a week now but haven’t received any reply yet.
    Thank you and God bless!

    •   Ufficio Comunicazioni says:

      Dear sister Ana, my collegue is working on the applications received so far and will write soon to all for more details about the participation.
      Thank you for your patience, Patrizia

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