Promoting Laudato Sí globally

Promoting Laudato Sí globally

Sr. Sheila Kinsey, FCJM, Executive Co-secretary of the JPIC Commission of USG-UISG participating a meeting on behalf of UISG and USG around issues to be addressed at COP 24 and how to promote Laudato Sí.

This is her short report

Dear Sr. Carmen and Sr. Pat,

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to represent UISG at the meeting facilitated by Archbishop Paul Gallagher of the Secretariat di Stato. This was a high-level meeting with representation from various bishop conferences, curia offices and Catholic organizations such as CIDSE, CAFOD, Caritas Internationalis and GCCM.
Archbishop Gallagher facilitated the discussion around issues to be addressed at COP 24 and how to promote Laudato Sí. We are to receive copies of the minutes, but I will share with you now some of the ideas expressed at the meeting and my contribution on behalf of UISG.

In summation of much of what was shared around the issues, Archbishop Gallagher spoke in terms of advocating that countries keep their promises to do their part in keeping the temperature risings less than 2 degrees centigrade. Areas identified were the importance of education and raising awareness before and after the event, finances needed to support programs, motivation through spirituality and Catholic Social Teaching, and to remember the most vulnerable affected by climate change.

Asked to build on the contributions of one another, I stressed the importance of solidarity and referred to the UISG theme of “Weaving Solidarity for the Sake of the Planet.” I stated that the Sisters are connected on many levels internationally, nationally and locally and with various partners. I noted the importance of suggesting ways everyone can be involved as is asked by Pope Francis in Laudato Si, with suggestions ranging from watching the usage of plastic bags to divesting and re-investing in alternative energy sources. I also emphasized the importance of transitions in the use of energy and respecting where people are at this time as we work to engage in change. Lastly, I identified and supported the need to provide a spiritual and moral base to our cause and actions and to have various resources to help with the reflection and integration of Laudato Si.

In speaking of the build-up to COP 24, Tomás Insua of GCCM, spoke of the event being planned in Assisi and the pilgrimage that will begin there and go to Katowice. The idea of pilgrimage from different places drew a positive response from the group. I am on the Steering Committee of GCCM and am involved in the planning of this event. It is hoped that major church leaders, including Pope Francis, will participate in the event.

These are just some thoughts to give you an idea of what happened during the session. Archbishop Gallagher was so pleased by the sharing that he felt this should be an annual event to help coordinate the Catholic voice.

Thanks for all that you do to make this world a better place.
United in prayer,

Sr. Sheila Kinsey, FCJM, Executive Co-secretary of the JPIC Commission of USG-UISG

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