The Education Commission of the Unions of Men and Women General Superiors announces the forthcoming celebration of its IX EDUCATIONAL TRAINING Seminar.

The Seminar of this year 2020 will have very special characteristics, taking into account the context in which it is convened and the proposal to REBUILD THE GLOBAL EDUCATIONAL COMPACT that Pope Francis has launched to the whole of society and the Church.

Our Seminar is part of the comprehensive and rich work itinerary designed by the Holy See to respond to the Pope’s call to reinvent the global educational compact. It is a complete and diverse itinerary,   oriented from the key of integral ecology  proposed in the  encyclical  Laudato Si’.

We will rely on the Method of Appreciative Inquiry  (AI), a  methodology of dialogue, meeting, design of proposals and alignment of vision, mission and action. At the same time, we will learn how to  use the methodology so that each participant can then use it based on their interest.

The Seminar will be led by Miriam Subirana, expert in the methodology “Appreciative Inquiry”, who has already accompanied various Religious Congregations in their tasks of discernment and decision-making.


MODALITY. Se will perform  online, through the telematics platform of the International Union of Superiors General (UISG).UISG) The reality of the pandemic we are experiencing has guided us towards this option, coupled with our desire to expand participation to many more people, given the importance of the process we live on the EDUCATIONAL COMPACT.

DATES. It will be held in three sessions, on November 12, 13 and 14, 2020, in hours from 14’00 to 18’00 (Rome time). In this way, people interested in the various continental contexts could connect.

LANGUAGES. There will be simultaneous translation in Italian, English, French and Spanish. For group work, we will ask participants to indicate in which languages they can communicate fluently enough, so we can organize things well.

PRESENCE GROUP. A small group of 30-40 people will participate from the UISG headquarters in Rome. If any of you wish to do so, please tell us in your request and we will respond to you to confirm or not that possibility.


  1. We invite the Directors of the General Curias, the members of the General and Provincial Councils and the various national or regional leaders of our Educational Institutions. We insist on this profile: people with a certain level of responsibility in our educational institutions
  2. Participation is open to people interested in collaborating in this exciting challenge and those who are asked to participate in their own Institutions.
  3. The maximum number of participants we can support is 500. Please take this into account for timely registration, and always before October 15.


  1. To deepen the challenge of the reconstruction of the GLOBAL EDUCATIONAL COMPACT proposed by Pope Francis.
  2. To reflect on the role of the Catholic School in the face of this challenge, seeking common ways of networking.
  3. To knownow the Appreciation Inquiry method, of high interest to our Congregations in their processes of analysis, discernment, planning and decision-making.


  1. In order to participate with fruit in this seminar, we ask everyone to read and work on Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ and the Instrumentum Laboris prepared by the Holy See for this process on the Global Compact.
  2. Likewise, we believe that it will be appropriate for everyone to be informed of the content of the online event on the Educational Compact organized by the Congregation of Catholic Education of The Holy for October 15 of this year.


  1. To register for the seminar must complete the data contained in the following link:
  2. The same link indicates the way to make the payment necessary for your participation, which will be 40 euros per person. We think that with this quota we will be able to meet all the expenses of the organization of this seminar.
  3. The deadline for registration is October 15. After that day, we will not be able to accept new participants.
  4. All registered persons will be sent, a few days before the seminar, the link in order to connect and participate.

We cordially invite you to these days of encounter and reflection, with the conviction that, together, we will be able to advance our capacity to respond to the challenges of a world that needs children and young people to be better. They are the ones who make us true educators.

Receive an affectionate greeting from the Committee on Education.


Fr. Pedro Aguado Sch. P.

July 16, 2020.


  1.   Rosalia Sakayombo says:

    I would like to participate in the “Rebuild Global Education Compact ” Seminar but then I am not sure what modalities I will use to tranfer 40 euros. The banks here refuse and take it as a small amount. We just completed our leadership training with the Association of Consecrated Women in Eastern and Central Africa, I found it so hard to remit $50 from Zambia. The bank sent it back. I would love to participate.

  2.   Mary Jo Martin says:

    Good Morning,

    My Institute Leader forwarded me details of the Conference and I applied to participate, but I have not yet heard if I was successful.

    I coordinate our Global Network of RSHM Schools .

    Thank you.

    •   Ufficio Comunicazioni says:

      Dear sister, once you register, you receive a confirmation email. Did you receive it? If not, please register again and make sure that you fill all the fields in.
      Thank you
      Patrizia UISG

  3.   Sheila De Sa says:

    I am Sheila De Sa from India belonging to the Union of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (PBVM). We have received communication about the Seminar. I would like to know whether I can do a bank transfer from India in Indian Currency and if so what will be the equivalent amount of 40 euros or how do we go about it.
    Can we register three sisters together for the seminar and pay for all through one bank transfer or do we have to do it individually.
    If the payment cannot be done directly from India then we will have to ask the Generalate in Ireland to do the needful. If that is so can we do the registration first or do we have to wait till the payment is done.
    Kindly throw some light on these queries. I will be most grateful

    Blessings and Gratitude
    Sheila De Sa
    Provincial Leadership Team Member
    South India Province

    •   Ufficio Comunicazioni says:

      Dear sister,
      yes you can register 3 sisters and pay with one bank transfer. From my point of view I think that it is easier from Ireland than from India.
      Patrizia UISG

  4.   Regi Joseph says:

    Good morning!
    I am sr. Regi Joseph from North India Province belonging to the Sisters of the Union of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary( PBVM). We have registered for the Seminar on Global Education Compact from 12-14 th November 2020 for three sisters. We were not able to make the payment in Euro from India. We will request our Generalate to do the needful. I hope it is alright with you.
    looking forward to be part of the seminar as well as your response.
    In gratitude
    Regi Joseph
    Provincial Leadership Team Member

  5.   Henri PEROYS says:

    Bonjour, je désire m’inscrire à ce séminaire sur le pacte éducatif mondial sur cette page de l’UISG je ne vois pas comment m’inscrire ni payer les frais d’inscription de 40 euros.
    J’appartiens à la congrégation des Frères de Saint-Gabriel.
    Merci de votre réponse rapide car la date limite d’inscription est demain.
    avec mes excuses pour ma demande tardive.
    Frère Henri Péroys

  6.   Andrew David says:

    I have registered 7 members of my institute few days ago and the payment is due.
    We are from Pakistan.
    We dont have paypal option here.
    So can we transfer 280 Euros in your Bank account?
    Please guide in this regard.

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