Safeguarding Webinar Series: recordings and presentations

Safeguarding Webinar Series: recordings and presentations

The UISG, the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors, the Centre for Child Protection at the Gregorian University and Telefono Azzurro are very pleased to make available in a new format the 4 webinars which were recently held online.  It is hoped that this format will help members of religious congregations, parish groups, teachers, child care professionals etc. to develop short awareness raising programmes in communities, schools, parishes etc. The fact that the webinars are available in 5 languages with powerpoints means that we are presenting you with very valuable tools to raise awareness within your organization and to promote reflection and action In relation to this important topic.

Download the list here

  • Nuala Kenny, SC : Safeguarding and A Theology of Childhood    VideoPPT

  • Prof. Gabriel S. Dy-Liacco : Victimology and the Relational Safety Model    VideoPPT

  • Hans Zollner, SJ : Safeguarding online in times of lockdown    VideoPPT

  • Prof. Ernesto Caffo : Care for children after lockdown    VideoPPT


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