Salvatorian Sisters: New General Council

Salvatorian Sisters: New General Council 

The Salvatorian Sisters (Sisters of the Divine Savior), have elected our New General Council  during the General Chapter. They are:

Sr. Maria Yaneth Moreno Rodríguez (Superior General), from Colombia

Sr. Lilly Kurian (Vicaress, re-elected as Councilor), from India

Sr. Jacqueline Mwakasu Kona (Councilor), from Congo

Sr. Ewa Tonacka (Councilor), from Poland

Sr. Renária Bezerra da Silva (Councilor), from Brazil

They will officially begin their term of office on February 24, 2019 – 2024

Other services in the Generalate:

Sr. Brigitte Thalhammer (General Treasurer), from Austria

Sr. Juby V. Mathew (General Secretary), from India

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