St. Teresa of Calcutta: Memories of her years with Loreto

St. Teresa of Calcutta: Memories of her years with Loreto (download the Memories booklet)

Mother Teresa spent 20 years as a Loreto Sister. All through her life the ties and friendship between herself and the Institute remained firm, and she was personally known to many of our sisters, especially in India. Much has been written about Mother Teresa over the years, and many books, films and documentaries have been produced. We have gathered together these few articles, reflections and photos on the occasion of her canonisation to honour her and to remember her, not only as a former member, but most of all as a friend of IBVM. In doing so this simple publication acknowledges Mother Teresa’s generous response to God, in answering her particular call to go out to the destitute and untouchables on the streets of Kolkata and our world. Her life challenges each of us to live with our eyes and hearts fixed on those who are small in our society, those whom society rejects and forgets. She challenges us to hear the gospel message in a real and practical way and to go where the need is greatest.

We celebrate with the Missionaries of Charity throughout the world and with the whole Church at this time of her canonisation. We celebrate with IBVM members, co-workers and students in India and worldwide, and we give thanks that God’s plan for Agnes Gonxha brought her to enter Loreto and to live as a Mary Ward sister for a significant part of her life. Above all at this time we remember those who are poor and destitute, those on the margins. Mother Teresa is truly their saint! May the witness of her life continue to sensitise our world to their plight. And may each one of us find ways to challenge and change the unjust structures and systems that perpetuate poverty and destitution in all our societies. She promised to pray for us, we entrust our cares and intentions to her intercession at this time.

Noelle Corscadden

IBVM Institute Leader

September 1st 2016

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