Tears are the messenger that lets you know whether life or death is in the heart.
Saint Catherine of Siena

Responding to Pope Francis’ invitation to develop A Profound Theology of Women, a series of three international seminars have been organized at the Pontifical University of Urbaniana in Rome. All seminars are scheduled to coincide with the feast day of St. Catherine of Siena (29 April) each year beginning 2016. The themes of these seminars were chosen from St.
Catherine’s Dialogue.

HEART / Cuore 28-30 April 2016
A theology of the heart is uniquely pertinent to women’s devotion and consecration and aids comprehension of an affective intellect with its accompanying expressions of beauty.

TEARS / Lacrime 28-30 April 2017
A language that embodies and communicates prophetic recognition and anointing. An indicator of injustice, violence, threat, loss and suffering. Not always visible, women’s inner tears reflect the tear at the heart of society.

UISG participated this year at the meeting and had the opportunity to interview Sr. Judette Gallares and Sr. Catherine Aubin. Sr. Judette is presently Professor of Spirituality and Theology of Consecrated Life at the Institute for Consecrated Life in Asia (ICLA), Philippines. She is a member of the coordinating team of Ecclesia of Women: a forum for Asian Catholica Women Theologians.

Listen the interview with Sr. Judette Gallares, RC (in English)

Listen the interview with Sr. Catherine Aubin, OP (in French). Sr. Catherine graduated in Psycology and later in Theology at the Institut Catholique in Paris. She has a doctorate in Spiritual Theology. She has also written for and collaborated with L’Osservatore Romano and Vatican Radio.

FRUITS / Frutti 28-30 April 2018
A transforming theology through service. The hands and hearts of women called to be Christ where he is needed. Defining the effects and attributes of the legacy inherent in a vocational life with its particular forms of prayer and charisms.

Many have already been researching theologies based on the needs and experiences of women in the Church. Our contribution at this time is to build on this scholarship by engaging the unique wisdom and profound theological insights derived from the lived examples and writings of our female saints, including mystics, religious and lay holy women.