Why a UISG course on Interculturality and Leadership?

Why a UISG course on Interculturality and Leadership?

Fr Roger Schroeder and Fr Tim Norton share some thoughts to answer this question. They are two of the speakers of this online programme on Interculturality which ends today, Dec. 18.

“Interculturality is the vision and the hope of mutually enriching and challenging relationships with people who are others, who are different from us. The image we have used is the garden: how I can enter in the garden of the other, how I let others enter in my garden.”
“We need to work on Interculturality, that process needs time and energy. Some Congregations are ready for that, others less. We need to keep trusting on the Spirit, the same Spirit who accompanies us always, since the first Christian Community. We are all called to interculturality, as an intentional attitude.”


2 thoughts on “Why a UISG course on Interculturality and Leadership?

  1.   Gebhard Deißler says:

    Dear Sister,
    I am intersted in the “UISG COURSE ON INTERCULTURALITY AND LEADERSHIP”. In what format (audio-visual, transcript, summaries …) is it avialable, As a docent of intercultural management with a SVD (Society of the Divine Word) educational background like your speakers Roger Schröder and Tim Norton (their conversation with Patrizia), I should be happy to hear from you. Thank very much.
    Gebhard Deißler

    •   Ufficio Comunicazioni says:

      This course is ended. The materials are just for participants right now. Follow us on this website to learn the events on interculturality for the future months.

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