Women of Courage Award 2021: Sr Alicia Vacas Moro

2021 International Women of Courage Award Recipients Announced

#IWOC2021 #WomenOfCourage

March 8 at 3.45 pm Rome time

Sr Alicia Vacas Moro
Regional Coordinator Comboni Sisters – Middle East

A registered nurse, Sister Alicia Vacas Moro ran a medical clinic in Egypt for eight years, helping 150 low income patients a day treat their maladies. She then moved to the biblical town of Bethany to help an impoverished Bedouin community, especially women and children. She set up training programs for women that provided them with previously unavailable economic opportunities, and established kindergartens in Bedouin camps, providing an educational foundation for children. In an environment shaped by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Sister Alicia also assisted traumatized refugees and asylum seekers, a job she continues to perform on a larger scale in her current role as the regional coordinator for the Comboni Sisters in the Middle East. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck northern Italy, she flew to Italy to assist and treat fellow sister nuns, undeterred by extreme danger to herself.


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#IWOC2021 #WomenOfCourage

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