Association of Consecrated Women in Eastern and Central Africa: 17th Plenary Assembly

The Association of Consecrated Women in Eastern and Central Africa, (ACWECA)  is holding its 17th Plenary Assembly in Dar Es Salaam with the theme – Revitalize our Solidarity for deeper evangelization in today’s complex reality within the Region.

Cardinal Joao Braz de Avis celebrated the opening liturgy. There will be about 175 participants at the Assembly which lasts from August 26 – September 1st.

Speaking during a joint interview at ACWECA Secretariat in Nairobi, the president of the Association, Sr. Priscar Matenga said that, the theme of the Assembly was a call to the members to strengthen the unity and to celebrate togetherness.

“We are in a global village and things are changing so fast and it is important for us as religious women to review our lives together and see things in the way Christ saw them, hence need to revitalize our solidarity for evangelization,” she said.

Matenga said that, the call to Member Conferences is to find a way on how to unite and strengthen the unity in ACWECA region more deeply to enable the apostolate bear fruits among the people whom they serve.


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