13 thoughts on “Canonical questions and Covid – Letter from the Dicastery for Consecrated Life

  1. I wish to participate in the discussions around Canonical Questions and COVID-19. I believe it will very interesting. I am very grateful for other seminars I have participated in which have been quite enriching. Thanks to the organizers.

  2.   MARY USIFOH says:

    I am interested in the webinar for 22nd July, kindly send me the link. The others I have attended I really appreciate and I am grateful.

  3.   Victoria Schwartz, SL says:

    I have tried several times to register, but when I type in bit.ly/CanonLaw-lettera, I’m not given the way to register.


  4.   Sr Juliana Miska, SCC says:

    We missed the Webinar. Is there any way to receive a link to watch it? Or will it be broadcast again?

    Sr. Juliana

  5.   Luz Ma. Almazán says:

    Cómo puedo tener esta sesión de preguntas a la canonista? No pude entrar a la sesión. GRacias por todas las ayudas tan valiosas que nos han ofrecido. Dios te bendiga Patricia

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