2 thoughts on “Cuestiones canónicas y Covid – Carta del Dicasterio para la Vida Consagrada

  1.   monica says:

    I would like Titiziana to respond to the following question if possible.
    We have had our General Chapter last year, now only a few provinces need to have their Post General Chapter meetings at Province level which we call Provincial Chapters. Its aim is to share what transpired at the General Chapter and to follow the directions that the General Chapter at province and local levels has decided especially with regard to the lines of action.
    We also vote on some aspects of finaces eg: the financial allowance of Superiors and Provincial Superior and the contribution to the Provincial Administration.
    However we do not vote for any person or take any decision that is binding on the Provincial and council.
    Can we still go ahead doing all the above or do the above and call it by another name or do the all except the voting part on finances?

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