Global Compact on Education: The Commitment of Religious Men And Women

Global Compact on Education: The Commitment of Religious Men and Women

UISG and USG, and the global compact on education

Our two Unions have welcomed with joy and commitment the strong challenge proposed by Pope Francis, who calls us to rebuild the Global Compact on Education.

Following the World Meeting organised by the Holy See, which took place online, on 15 October, the Education Commission of our Unions prepared a video with some experiences and proposals.

Fourteen different congregations, all dedicated to Education, collaborated in it, presenting proposals related to the four great challenges of the Educational Compact:

  • human dignity and rights;
  • integral ecology from the point of view of Laudato Si’;
  • peace and citizenship;
  • solidarity and development.

One of the key elements of the Educational Compact is networking, in common mission. For this reason, our Unions chose to prepare a joint document which would present something of the rich and plural reality of the Catholic Education in the Church and in society. We attach the link so that you can see the video, and we encourage you to continue working for an education capable of transforming our world so that it may welcome the values of the Kingdom.

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