A note on Realizing the vision of Laudato si

A note on Realizing the vision of Laudato si

“The time is running out and the cry of the earth and the poor are getting louder, can we still afford to remain passive?”

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We have just a decade ahead of us to protect our Common home from disastrous future, and we can only achieve it by communal effort, says Fr. Joshtrum Kureethadam. We need a revolutionary change in our attitude towards our mother earth. This change is possible if we can form “critical mass”. As Pope Francis in his Encyclical Laudato Sí says “Since everything is closely interrelated, and today’s problems call for a vision capable of taking into account every aspect of the global crisis, I suggest that we now consider some elements of an integral ecology, one which clearly respects its human and social dimensions” The vision of Laudato Sí is connected to our mission and concrete action. Pope Francis asked to launch Laudato Sí’ action platform, a 7 year plan to implement the Laudato Sí action plan.

What is the Laudato Sí Action platform? It is a 7-year journey of Ecological conversion in Action…at the 7 different levels of groups like 1. Families, 2. Parishes and the Dioceses, 3. Educational Institutions (Schools, Universities, etc) 4. Hospitals and Health Care Centres, 5. Economy (Businesses, Co- operatives, Farms), 6. Organizations (NGOs, Movements, groups, Foundations, Communications Centres etc) 7. Religious Orders (Communities, Provinces, Congregations).

This action platform aspires to achieve a response to the cry of the earth and the poor, Ecological Economics, Adoption of Simple life styles, Ecological Education, Ecological Spirituality and the Community Engagement and participatory action.

How this Action Plan is implemented? A digital portal is to begin in early 2021, by inviting a certain number of the above institution to begin their 7 year journey of integral ecology in the spirit of Laudato Sí. The following year a new group with double the number of the previous group will be encouraged, to begin their 7- year journey. In this way the laudato Sí inspired network will continue to expand and grow exponentially each year. If this will continue for each of the coming years of the new decade we can arrive at a “ Critical mass” needed for radical societal transformation invoked by Pope Francis in Laudato Sí.

Very exciting testimonies were also shared by Sr. Nazha El Khoury, of the Couvent Notre Dame des Grâces who shared their initiatives in Lebanon, a country which consists of 34% of Christians. Lebanon a community more than a country that continues to strive with Economic Crisis, War and unemployment. Amidst all these the country stands like a beacon of Hope. The religious sisters through a enormous collaboration were able to undertake stupendous initiatives like “Laudato Sí day”, “My earth, my mother and my Identity” campaign, reforestation, Educational excursion to mountains in Lebanon, cleaning up the beaches and many other programmes. No one can face life in isolation… We need a community that supports and helps us, in which we can help one another to keep looking ahead. How important it is to dream together… Fratelli tutti (8). The testimonies from Lebanon and many other parts of the world, give us hope in the turbulence of the present Society, that by Communitarian Commitment and an united journey as also declared in the UISG plenary on Sowers of Prophetic Hope will make possible the Vision of Laudato Sí.

Presented by S. Fathima Shirisha – UISG Communication Office

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  1.   José Vivys says:

    Je veux suivre la session Laudato-si ce vendredi 5 février. Voulez-vous me donner le link svp. afin de pouvoir ouvrir la session sur web. Merci beaucoup. En labgue française svp. Merci.

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